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Social Media Tips & Tricks

We know how hard it can be to set up a new business, particularly with regards to finances! So, whilst we believe our Complete Social Media & Branding Toolkits are great value, we understand that not everyone will want to splash out on one right away. It’s important to us that we have a page on this site that will feature free content – from social media tips, to guidance on finding your perfect branding – so that we can share some of our knowledge with our fellow small business owners. So, if you find something on this page that’s useful, please do share it far and wide. We’ll be updating it periodically too, so don’t forget to check back!

Little Bird To Go:

Our Six
Top Tips!

Whilst a full, detailed guide to making the most of your online presence is included in our Complete Social Media Tool Kit, we don’t want anyone to miss out. So, if you’re looking for some free tips to get you started, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Know Who You Are & What You Want

Why are you on social media in the first place? If the answer is simply “because everyone else seems to be on there,” then it might be time to have a think about what your goals are and how being online might help you to achieve them.

2. Branding is Important!

The profile pictures and banner images you choose for your social channels can give potential visitors/customers their first impression of who you are, so think carefully about what you use. Aim to have the same images across each social media platform, if possible. Our tool kits come with bespoke profile and banner images for the social channels of your choice!

3. Be Consistent

You don’t have to post every Tuesday at 2pm on the dot, but you should be aiming for regular updates, written and branded in a consistently recognisable style.

4. Accessibility is Key!

If you want the broadest audience possible - hopefully translating to the highest number of visitors/customers - then don’t leave anyone out! That means remembering to add closed captions to video, ALT text to images and considering how your graphic design and font choices may appear to someone with cognitive disabilities or dyslexia.

5. Welcome Engagement

Ask (and answer!) questions, get involved in trending topics and have your say in discussions, as long as you can do so whilst staying on brand. Social media is about creating conversations, after all!

6. People, Not Commodities

You’re a person, right?! Well, so is everyone reading what you put out on social media. Allow them to see behind-the-scenes. Encourage anyone interacting with your content to see you as more than just a business. A wise person told us when we were just starting out: “people buy from people.” We’ve come to realise how true that is, so inject a little personality into what you put online and see if you can create a community!